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Image by Dainis Graveris


Gluteal implants, known in Brazil for 30 years, have been recently introduced and implanted worldwide, for both aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. Gluteal implants prefilled with silicone gel provide flexibility and optimum projection. Sebbin’s gluteal implants are provided in three different shapes: round, biconvex and anatomical. Sebbin’s recommendation is that gluteal implants should only be used by surgeons who have been trained in this surgical technique.
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  • Groupe SEBBIN is one of the first European manufacturers to propose this implantable medical device.

  • The gluteal implants prefilled with silicone gel are more flexible, easier to introduce and offer a better projection compared to the silicone elastomer monobloc implants.

  • During the introduction, the implant can be strongly stressed; thanks to their specific very high cohesive silicone gel, our gluteal implants return rapidly to their initial shape. request with a textured envelope under the reference LST.

  • Our sterile gluteal implants, for single use, are sold by unit. They can be manufactured upon

  • The dimensions of our round, biconvex and anatomical implants can differ slightly from the data mentioned in this brochure.

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