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Type: Semi-smooth round mammary implant matrix

Our semi-smooth round mammary implant matrix Integrity can be prefilled with Sebbin’s EverlastGel , high cohesive gel offering firmer consistency. Integrity implants are available in 4 projections: low, semi-moderate, moderate and high profile.

The semi-smooth surface is especially soft in touch, with similar qualities to those of skin: thin, natural and resistant




As a manufacturer of implantable medical devices for more than 30 years, our commitment to quality is at the core of all our processes. To ensure complete safety and satisfaction, we guarantee:

  • The use of only biocompatible, medical-grade raw materials, suitable for long term implantation accordance with our specifications;

  • The continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes;

  • Products in conformity with the Standards NF EN ISO 14630: 2013 and NF EN ISO 14607: 2009 to meet the European Directive 93/42.




Our products are entirely manufactured in our factory, located near Paris, France. Our added value lays in the handcrafted work of the silicone: 100% of our implants are subjected to quality controls responding to strict regulatory standards.

Our traceability system identifying each implant with a unique serial number allowing us to trace products from their raw material to the point of their final delivery.

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