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Liposat® Pro Plus

Care for viable fat cells

Perfect designed to delicately and efficiently transfer fat

Liposat® Pro plus - because we care about viable fat cells. Experience a revolutionary way to handle fat. Optimize your workflow with efficiency, safety and comfort with the new Liposat® Pro plus, specially designed for lipotransfer.

5 reasons for Liposat® Pro plus:

  1. Gently and accurately handle fat cells. Maximize the viability of fat cells: the influence of the pump and the tube set on the viability of the fat cells is reduced to a minimum.

  2. Achieve a streamlined workflow through the intuitive menu navigation, smart technology and straightforward design of the Liposat® Pro plus.

  3. The versatile two-in-one pump is developed for both TLA and fat infiltration.

  4. Ensure reliable results and a high level of safety for your patients, maximizing their satisfaction with the procedure.

  5. Liposat® Pro plus takes care of the volume management, so you can focus exclusively on your patient.

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The power configuration
The Complete Liposuction System.

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