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The Perfect Anti-Aging Solution

for Sagging Skin

Spring Thread® is manufactured by 1 st SurgiConcept®, a French company located north of France.
The creator, Jean Frismand, a medical doctor, graduated in biomechanics, has 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of surgical implants and has filed over 30 patents

SPRING THREAD is a totally innovative suspension thread for the treatment
of ptosis and sagging tissue.

A specific mechanical design and the use of Silicone and Polyester in its production process result in the only flexible and elastic thread on the market.

Elasticity and Flexibility

Spring Thread is a composite implant which consists of a silicone matrix that provides elasticity and flexibility and a polyester helix core which provides resistance and control of the elasticity (20%).

st figure.jpg
Elasticity is fundamental: - It allows the threads to lengthen with muscle movements - It distributes tension along the entire length of the thread - It absorbs tensile stress (like a shock-absorber of a car) - No loss of fixation - No pain by excessive stress Finally, it allows for the dynamic stabilization of tissues: the tissues can “live”, lengthening and shortening, they are no longer frozen.

Muscle mobility is preserved, the result is a natural effect. The laying of Spring Thread is the same as the other current threads: Straight, V or X positioning. During procedure, it is possible to relax a thread which is too tight. Then, after a week, fibrosis produces an excellent fixation and continues to regenerate collagen for several months following the procedure.

Product Range

Needles can be supplied individually

2 x Stainless steel needles 1.6MM x 250MM Blunt Ended with double eye.

Spring Thread is supplied in boxes of 6 threads (3
Tyvek pouches, each containing 2 sterile threads).
The products are 100% manufactured in France in accordance with ISO 13485 and are CE marked.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are advantages of Spring Thread

  • Compared to other techniques like surgical lifting, thread lifting offers many advantages such as:

  • It’s performed under local anaesthetic,

  • No hospitalization necessary,

  • No scars,

  • Minimal downtime,

  • Reduced infection risk,


What results one can expect?

An immediate lifting of the facial skin, restoring facial definition and contours to a more youthful appearance. The result then progressively improves as skin reorganises itself and fibrosis occurs along the thread . It is optimal about several months after the treatment and maintains for a long period of time.


Is Spring Thread procedure painful

No. The procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia and sometimes under light sedation if you’re feeling anxious.

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