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Thermia Pro

The Anti-Hypothermia-Solution

Maintains a safe temperatureof pre-heated TLA solution.

Hypothermia is a very real risk for patients undergoing procedures where large ammounts of fluid will be infiltrated into their bodies without a prior warming of the fluid. To reduce this risk MÖLLER offers you Thermia Pro - the anti-hypothermia solution. Thermia Pro ensures that the temperature of the fluid is maintained at body temperature, even during longer procedures. This allows you to provide your patients an increased level of safety as well as more comfort.

4 reasons for Thermia Pro

  1. Keeps the temperature of the preheated infiltration fluid constant

  2. Integrates seamlessly into your existing Möller Medical solutions or operable independently: tailored to your needs

  3. Keeps infiltration fluid warm during the procedure to maximize patient safety

  4. Its automatic temperature control simplifies your workflow


The power configuration
The Anti-Hypothermia Solution

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