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Vibrasat® Pro

Power-Assisted Liposuction

For fatigue-free working with one of the most tissue-friendly technologies.


Vibrasat® Pro is the leading technology for power-assisted liposuctions. Its easy-to-use design eliminates fatigue for the doctor even during the longest procedures - while its technology maximizes patient results.

Five reasons for Vibrasat® Pro:

  1. The liposuction handle offers you the smoothest and most gentle way to remove fat

  2. Less effort is required to move the cannula through the tissue, ensuring a lower risk with maximum precision results

  3. Its anatomically shaped hand grip carries just the right balance point with a low weight, allowing the doctor to hold it comfortably for any length of time

  4. Work with the an innovative product with reliable and long-lasting performance.

  5. The design allows for quick and easy cannula changing providing an optimal, more efficient workflow.

The technologically leading
vibration premium device.


• Reach up to 5,000 strokes/min with a stroke length of approx. 3mm
• Boost function for short-term increase of vibration to 6,000 strokes/min
• QuickLock connection for quick cannula change during treatment
• Powerful and overheat protected motor


• Anatomically shaped handle
• Smooth running
• Less heating even during long treatments
• Convenient operation via foot switch possible


The power configuration
The Complete Liposuction System


Vibrasat system is designed and manufactured in Germany with highest quality standards.

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